AusFrac utilises unique and proven formulations and technology currently being used in the oil and gas industry in the USA.

Research and development

Currently, Ausfrac R&D is situated with Prime Eco Group based in Sugar Land Texas. Their up to date laboratory employs technical personal with vast experience in the fracturing stimulation field. Our customers have direct access to this facility for technical consultation if required, this includes video conferencing.

Equipment at this facility includes Fann 50, Fann 35, for viscosity, electro scan microscopes, the stability of emulsion and settlement of particle testing and high temp testing. Advancements in the oil and gas industry include new polymers for fracturing as well as improving the stability and performance of guar slurry solutions.

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QA and COA certificates

All products supplied are checked twice for conformance. The initial tests are done at Ausfrac laboratory in Carrum Downs with a batch sample expressed freight to Texas for further testing. Once confirmation of both laboratories confirms conformance the product is then released to the customer.

All products are tested for viscosity, solids (if required), stability and pH. If correct a QA sheet and a COA (certificate of analysis) are produced for the batch to be delivered.

Proppants (Resin coated)

All proppants are independently tested for performance. The resin consists of a 100% solid flake resin at a 2-5% addition rate. Calcium stearate and Hexamine are added to aid flowability and curing rates. These resin coated proppants are classed as a hot covered, mulled material.

Transport Solutions

Ausfrac run our own fleet of trucks servicing Australia wide. We can arrange pricing, including freight, to a depot or site as requested by the customer. Our fleet of trucks and drivers all conform to CORs requirements (Chain of responsibility) which ensures all goods are transported to the National Transport Code. If required drivers can be inducted to site.

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