AusFrac is a joint venture company between Evenrange Pty Ltd, Ad-Tek Pty Ltd and Prime Eco Group LLc (Texas USA).

Ausfrac is an Australian company based in Melbourne specializing in the manufacture of completion fluids for fracturing stimulation projects. AusFrac utilizers unique and proven formulations and technology currently being used in the oil and gas industry in the USA.

This joint venture combines 40 years of chemical manufacturing to create environmental completion fluids, custom formulations and advanced laboratory services capable of meeting the current demand by clients placed onto the service companies.

AusFrac also produces the only Australian manufactured resin-coated proppant. AusFrac also have a system capable of “cleaning“ hydrocarbons from contaminated sands allowing for environmental solutions to enable a “clean” completion project.

Our internal transport system allows flexibility for our customers to receive deliveries and also enables ALL parties to conform to the new CORs laws “chain of responsibility” as set out by the NHVR (National heavy vehicle regulator”

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For more than 20 years Evenrange has been successfully manufacturing specialised concrete curing compounds and coatings for the civil and commercial construction industry.

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Ad-Tek is promoting its first range of construction chemicals that are designed to compete with mainstream, high-performance concrete additives for use in ready-mixed concrete.

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Prime Eco Group

Prime Eco Group, Inc. is a privately held, Texas Corporation founded in 1998. Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas and with manufacturing facilities in Wharton, TX.

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